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Keiichi Maebara
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About this journal
A dream that lasted a lifetime
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June 2011
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Keiichi Maebara [userpic]

Any questions about my roleplaying of Keiichi Maebara? Concerns? Do you have a suggestion about how I could improve? Feel free to comment here.

All comments are screened, flaming will not be taken seriously and simple criticism with no suggestions about how to improve will be accepted but ignored. If you don't like how I play this character your opinion shall be respected but don't expect me to make random changes in my roleplaying to try to satisfy you if you don't give me anything specific to work with.

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Keiichi Maebara [userpic]

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Permanent post for small IC messages or encounters for ascendedpawn @ demeleier.

When replying to this post please mark the date in the subject line.

[Action, March 11th]

[Voice, September 8th]

[Written, June 10th]

Keiichi Maebara [userpic]

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[The feed starts suddenly, showing the face of a young man frowning at the device, it doesn't seem he really knows what he's doing and in fact he soon leaves it alone, resting somewhere, one can guess it's the floor from the perspective the feed takes. Keiichi stands up, ignoring the communicator for now, it's too complex for him at this moment and he's not in the mood to deal with it. First he needs to release some anger, so he takes to just talk to the innocent thin air out there.]

... Oi... What- Just what kind of joke is this? First I'm taken by some crazy scientists and locked in a village lost in the middle of nowhere and now I'm taken from there as well? Just what the hell is this? A "let's take you away from home whenever you feel at it" game?

Ha... Hahaha, it's just not enough that you took Rika-chan and the others away from me again. You had to fucking take everyone else! But because that would have been troublesome you just took me away, right?!!

... Looking for them is useless, isn't it? There's no way they would be here, wherever this place is... And even if they are you probably have found another way to screw up with me even if they are here! Haru-chan... Minato... Even Bernkastel... It's useless, completely useless, so I should just sit down here and cry, right? I should beg someone to come and help me...

[The boy pauses and he seems to slump a bit. It's to be expected, from his words after all, he must be so sad and depressed.]

You have no fucking idea who you're dealing with!!!

You've picked up the wrong piece to mess up with!! I don't give a damn about who you are! A crazy scientist, a witch or a fucking God! You want to play with me? Fine!! Bring it on!! I'll break your neck and take your guts out!! Take me to as many worlds as you want!! I'm not going to give in to you just because I stand without allies, I'll win new ones!!

I'm Keiichi Maebara from Hinamizawa, I hold within myself the will of thousands of hearts, no matter who the enemy is, I'll defeat you without fail!!

[He falls silent before he's heard laughing lightly.]

I wonder if it would fit to say it here now since this can't be our first meeting, huh?... < See you again. Have a nice dream. >

Keiichi Maebara [userpic]

Coming soon...

Keiichi Maebara [userpic]

Coming soon...

Keiichi Maebara [userpic]

Yes, HinamizawaCollapse )

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